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Mathematicians' Party♻
Would you pick up the shit of Labor MP Emma Husar's dog if hired as a political staffer? #auspol #qanda
Mathematicians' Party♻
@nick_thyme Could she be the Sydney #poojogger?
Mathematicians' Party♻
RT @MathsParty_MPA: Why is it that the Sydney #poojogger has not had their identity exposed? #auspol #qanda
Mathematicians' Party♻
RT @adamknott777: @MathsParty_MPA Homelessness doesn’t need to exist either way.
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Maths Party Submission to TPP Part 1 [Jan 23 2016]

Mathematicians Party of Australia are working on a system model which the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will impact on.

With our input, we have recently submitted to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia a high-level paper outlining our need to work together to build more sustainable and resilient models for trade, economy, finance and society.

With your support, we are better supporting the development of mathematical models that Australians can stand by.

Maths Party Jan 2016 Submission on TPP to DFAT - Part 1

Part 2 to our submission will be released in more detail at a later date. If you are interested in inputting to a systems model, please flag your interest to Project Management via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.